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Prodigi Duo 2 in 1 electronic magnifier 24 арт. 4180

The unique Personal Vision Assistant that incorporates both a table-top magnifier and a hand-held magnifier in one easy-to-use package.Includes a lightweight, portable 5 дюймовый HD magnifier with a touch screen, that docks right into the table-top unit.Touch and Tap™ controls: no X-Y table or bulky knobs to turn.Diamond-Edge Text™ that can be magnified as much as needed without loss of image quality. Switch from reading documents to listening to them, with the tap of a finger.Store photos and documents to take with you wherever you go.Available in your choice of a 20-inch (51 cm) or 24-inch (61 cm) LCD screen.For a limited time, receive a FREE reading stand for your Prodigi Tablet!

Victor Reader Stratus4 M Daisy MP3 player арт. 4190

The simplest and friendliest audio book player The Victor Reader Stratus continues the legacy of HumanWare-s 13-year history of developing simple, easy-to-use audio book players. The Victor Reader Stratus comes in a new look enclosure that is smaller and lighter on the outside yet smarter and better sounding on the inside. Unlike the previous generation, the Stratus plays multimedia books and music from CDs, SD cards and USB flash drives. Accessibility All Victor Reader Stratus models feature large, tactile, high-contrast keys, a built-in speaker and headphone jack, and self-voicing controls, making it simply the friendliest audio book player around. Portability You can take and operate your Victor Reader Stratus anywhere, using its rechargeable battery and integrated carrying handle. It s all about choiceKeypad Choice Choose any of the Stratus4 models with its simple 4-arrow keypad to easily navigate novels, magazines, and newspapers. Students and professionals may prefer the Stratus12 models with its telephone-style number pad for navigation to specific pages in highly structured publications such as reference and text books. For those who like the most simple operation possible, attaching the optional keypad cover hides all but the most essential keys to simulate a traditional cassette player. Multimedia Choice In addition to playing CDs, the Stratus M model support additional media sources, including USB flash memory and an SD card. With the Stratus M s built-in text-to-speech capability, you can even play computer text documents saved to these external media. The VR Stratus Reading ExperienceNavigationBrowse text and recorded DAISY books by chapter, section, subsection, phrase.Navigate MP3 books and music, moving by folder, file, and specific time jumps.Move through text files by sentence, paragraph, word, or even spell words. Bookshelf All content is organized via the popular Victor Reader bookshelf categories. The bookshelves contain DAISY books, commercial audio books, music files, and text files. Never lose your place For every title, your Stratus will automatically resume reading where you left off, regardless of how many books you are reading. Bookmarks The bookmark key marks important points in any type of book, audio file, or computer document. Go to page Enter a page number using the Stratus12-s number pad and go directly to that page just like turning to a specific page in a printed book. Ideal for reference books, cook books or text books.

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